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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Couples conference is fun!!

Couples conference

What a fun evening of music

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Trindad Couples Welcome 2, Bid Farewell to 2

We gathered in Trinidad last night to welcome the Barnes and Palmers and say goodbye to the Farrers who leave Monday morning and the Colemans who leave December 16th.

How do we cope with change?

We chat

We eat

and eat

We celebrate a birthday

We enjoy making new friends

Palmers (Auditing and Training)

Barnes (South Trinidad)

And appreciate the blessings of serving with old friends

Colemans (St Martin and office)

Farrers (St Lucia and South Trinidad)

And then we shout

"Hurrah for Israel!!!"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

We may be old, but we're not dead yet!

(Sister Leishman, who impressively made today's trek despite rebuilt knees, named this blog post)

The Trinidad senior couples of the 'O'zone of Trinidad went on a journey today

Last Monday the Trinidad (younger) Elders came to Maracas Waterfall for a fabulous zone meeting. You can read about it here.

Not to be left behind - the senior couples decided to make the same hike - actually more of a mountain climb, but the reward was sweet.

"That will be $100 tt please" - Elder Coleman

Up we go

Elder Collins, our nature guide

First we climbed up to the large upper waterfall

A stunning sight

Who is that man? (oh - it's President Farrer)

He is having too much fun

We know where he learned to have fun - Sister Farrer!

Hurrah - we made it!

Next we climbed halfway down and detoured to a gorgeous series of waterfalls and pools

A couple of (intentional?) slips led to a few splashes

This particular splash was made by an (unnamed) senior missionary complete with shoes and missionary tag

Another unnamed senior missionary (last name begins with 'C' and ends with 'man') crept up behind President Robison to give him a little scare and just he was about to pounce, slipped and landed in the water. Lesson learned - don't ever try to startle a mission president

We returned to find the mission van had been broken into but oddly enough, everything was found piled by a nearby rock minus $100 tt and one towel. All charge cards, cell phones, and the rest of the money were untouched.

The angels must have been kept extra busy watching over us today

Sunday, November 9, 2008

From the Tanners

This will touch your hearts

President and Sister Robison,

We wanted to send you a copy of this poem that shows how much the
Church is becoming more appreciated in St. Lucia. The Ministry of
Human Services was needing help. They were having a hard time getting
a home functioning properly for abused and abandoned children. They
needed appliances, clothing and etc. so we went there to see if we
could help. We shopped with them and were able to help them purchase
many items. It was so enjoyable for us and they were very
appreciative! None of them seemed to be able to say the name of our
Church correctly so everytime they would say it, we would very
politely, say it the right way. We built a very good relationship
with them and were able to be a part of a container of 250 wheelchairs
that came in this past summer. Everyone was elated with the many
wheelchairs for all ages of people. Then a container of goods came in
and the volume of goods in a 40 foot container overwhelmed them. They
just couldn't believe a Church would do something like this for people
they didn't even know and especially because they weren't even members
of our Church! The excitement was high and they didn't want to have a
Handing Over Ceremony until all the Government and Ministry people
could be in attendance. They emailed us several times expressing
their gratitude and appreciation!!

We noticed while we were there for this ceremony, that not one person
said the name of our Church incorrectly and that made us smile and
feel so good!
Clementia Eugene, Director of Human Services whom we worked with
closely on all three projects, while speaking to everyone at the
ceremony, said she was "inspired" the night before to write a poem
about her feelings. She said she has never written a poem before but
felt strongly to write this one. As she read it, the cameramen
recorded it and it was shown on 2 different T.V. channels for several

This poem was given to us in a very nice frame at the ceremony. A
very nice plaque was given to the Branch President, President D.(I
don't know how to spell his last name) and his wife.
The spelling and language in this poem is exactly how Clementia wrote
it. Thats why we especially love it!! Hope you enjoy it also!

Elder and Sister Tanner

Here it the document from
Clementia Eugene:

Ministry of Health, Wellness, Family Affairs, National

Mobilization, Human Services and Gender Relations

Handing Over Ceremony of 40 Feet Container

From The Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter Day Saints


Children abused, beaten, sexually molested, neglected
Children robbed of dignity and worth
No place to hide to shield their pride
No food to eat, no shoes to wear
No books to read to get in the lead
No parent, no mamma, no papa
Oh! Friends of the Transit Home

Human Services and family Affairs is de parent of
Vulnerable children
In de land
But have no home to shelter de children
Oh! Friends of the Transit Home

Financial Sponsors come to our aid
Foster Carers is our saving grace
But not enough Carers for all de children who need our help
Oh! Friends of the Transit Home

Family Case Workers cry, when are we getting a home for
all de children?
Social Workers frustrated, some resign, some go ‘foreign’
some vex,
Some mad, still they working hard
House and land at Cas En Bas de government purchase
Money not enough to buy furniture and equipment
What are going to do?
Forty letters written to de private sector for help, only one
This home going to be a white elephant
Oh! Friends of the Transit Home

Then came a call from Dr. Charles, DPS of the Ministry of
Social Transformation
Contact Elder Tanner, Contact Sister Tanner
Make haste, call de Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Donation coming our way
In de Conference Room we met on Chaussee Road
Proposal for furniture and equipment submitted
Promised made to help by de Church
Oh! Friends of the Transit Home

Next, Mrs. Lewis and Ms. Eugene at Courts shopping with de
WE buy Big Fridge, Big Stove, Big Washing Machine and
lots more
We looking big
Oh! Friends of the Transit Home

June came, 250 Wheel Chairs we get
Some small, some medium, some large
All de disabled can go places now, church and school
Even the hospitals, homes for older persons glad, they have
wheel chair to push around
Oh! Friends of the Transit Home

August came, another container 40 feet long arrive at the
Clothes for men, women and children
Shoes, all colours, all sizes, all styles
Hygiene kits, newborn kits, school kits, toys galour
Even milk to make us strong and healthy
Oh! Friends of the Transit Home

All this cost US $81,546.25 = EC$221,552.30
And all this weight 27,481 lbs
Oh! Friends of the Transit Home

We glad, we thrilled, we excited
We appreciated
Thank you
For your
Generosity and thoughtfulness
Oh! Friends of the Transit Home

Tell your friends in Utah, in USA, and everywhere, thank you
Thank you for those who gave, who went shopping, who
packed the boxes, sewed the bags with so much love to
overwhelm us
Lives of many; children, men, women, youth, families and
communities, you touched
Lives of de unborn who will one day come to de Transit
Home, you will even touch
Be our friends forever
Oh! Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Oh! Friends of the Transit Home

By Clementia Eugene
Director of Human Services and Family Affairs
26th September 2008

Elder Tanner and President Debeauville (Castries, St Lucia Branch President)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mission Application

The Pitamber family asked us to help Avinash fill out his mission papers. When we arrived at their tiny home, we found the entire family gathered around to watch. Elder Langford explained that Avinash had to fill in all the blanks himself. No one was going to do it for him, so with Elder Langford explaining as they went, he filled in all of the blanks. I sat there and watched and was struck by the reverent excitement of Avinash's younger brothers and sisters. His parents were proud, but the excitement in that home was electric. I've seen families gather when a young elder receives his mission call, but never been invited to a special occasion like this one. We didn't sing a song or say a prayer to invite the Spirit, but it was there. It was a privilege to be part of it.